How Fast Can Your School Lockdown

February 12, 2014

Unfortunately, it is an accepted fact that occasionally schools have to go on lockdown. That term varies as much as the amount of school districts across the country. Some schools define a lockdown as securing all exterior school doors. Others add classrooms, cafeterias, libraries and gymnasiums. However your district defines lockdown, one key question remains foremost in the minds of school administrators, facility managers and security directors. What is the fastest, easiest and most cost effective means of locking down our campus?


One option is Electric Dogging of exit devices. Electric dogging is a low-cost alternative to electric latch retraction. When used throughout a school facility, electric dogging accomplishes many things.

  • Allows all devices to be "energized" by one control switch that can be located in a centralized area of the building.

  • Allows one of several switches located throughout the campus, to be activated, reverting all panic devices to secure mode (effectively locking every door equipped with this type of device).

  • When applied to classroom doors, removes the need for a teacher to remember where the key is, open the door and/or how to lockdown a device on a classroom door. perhaps in the height of a crises.


Detex Electric Dogging Easykits are designed for any door, in any type of building, where imminent danger to occupants requires immediate and simultaneous locking of multiple doors within the facility. When energized, and after the pushpad is depressed, the pushpad and latchbolt remain retracted, providing push-pull operation (on board keyswitch provides complete local control). Immediate relocking of all devices is accomplished by using an external signal switch or through a fire/alarm/security system input. LED's offer visual indications of system status. All components required are included in one easy-to-order kit.


For complete spec sheet, click here.


Reprinted with permission from Detex Corp.

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