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Phoenix Door Systems

Phoenix Series- Insulated Cooler/Freezer Impact Door

PDS is proud to introduce the new Cooler/Freezer Impact Door!

The new Phoenix C-F is the only cooler freezer impact door on the market with a fiberglass spine and composite hinges, which provide a proper thermal break between tempature controlled environments!

With a 4" thick panel, dual blade gaskets, and an argon filled dual pane low-e tempered glass window unit.

The Phoenix C-F takes energy efficiency to a whole new level.

Overly Door Company

Wood Door Series-

Overly Door Company announces their new fully operable STC-50 wood door assembly.

The assembly, consisting of their Wood Door, Hollow-metal frame, Overly's cast stainless-steel cam-lift hinges & the "H" seals & door bottom system, was recently tested at Riverbanks Acoustical Labs.

Test report # TL20-241


Phoenix Door Systems

Osprey Series-

PDS is proud to introduce the Osprey Corrosion-Proof Fiber Reinforced Polymer door. Like an Osprey, these FRP doors are at home in even the harshest environments. THESE DOORS WILL NOT CORRODE.

Coming with the best warranty in the industry on FRP doors- LIFETIME warranty against corrosion, on workmanship & on materials.

Osprey FRP doors are perfect for any environment with a heightened risk of corrosion, like the Food & Beverage industry, the Water & Waste industries and Research, Bio Laboratories, Hospitals & Veterinary facilities.


New Price list dated 6/1/21

Raising prices is never fun & Detex has always resisted. However, with the last price list dated 8/1/19 & cost pressure from all their suppliers, after evaluating each product, Detex issued their latest one dated 6/1/2021. 

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Serenity Sliding Door Systems

Live Webinars

Join Serenity's team of experts for in-depth, information packed webinars; where you're able to ask questions live and get immediate answers.


Whether you're just getting to know Serenity's product line or need installation training on their system, Serenity has you covered.

National Custom Hollow Metal

Introduces 6 branded industry standard lines

We all know NCHM's industry leading shipping times. Now they've branded 6 product lines to specific industry uses to help when choosing the correct product for the project.

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