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A Testament to Functionality, The Frank Doors Case Study:

The original stained glass front doors of one of famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, were approaching 111 years old. The current owners were very concerned that these full glass doors could be slammed and possibly break these non-replaceable pieces of art. After replacing the hinges with WatersonUSA Hydraulic Closer/Hinges, they can now rest easy and look at thier doors lasting another 111 years!

Waterson Hydraulic Closer/Hinges have Full Isolation of Closing & Damping Mechanisms

Most closer devices integrate both, self-closing & speed control functions. However, some clients have requested hinges with the damping feature only to stop slamming, but also want the door to be able to remain open.

Waterson USA designed thier closer hinge so that the functions are seperate, allowing them to quickly offer and supply the 5"x5" hinges this customer required, within days of the request.

Case Study:

  • Primary Focus- Anti-Slam, No Self-close

  • Product- 5" x 5", Satin Brushed Finish

  • Client Request- Extra hydraulic buffer to prevent slamming & reduce glass impact

  • Other Considerations- Aesthetic, ADA compliance & Family friendly

  • Customer Feedback- The hydraulic hinges are suitable for small children (protects fingers) and grandparents (ADA compliant), while the satin stainless steel finish enhances the door's classic appearance.

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